Industrial Organisation

Semester: Spring
Year offered: 2022
I Taught the three tutorial sessions for the Industrial Economics Module ECON2010 in Spring 2022. The Lecturers were Toomas Hinnosaar and Seung-Keun Martinez. Topics covered included: 1. Neoclassical...

Microeconomic Theory

Semester: Fall
Year offered: 2021
I Taught the four tutorial sessions for the Microeconomic Theory Module ECON2001 in Fall 2021 and Fall 2022. The Lecturers were Seung-Keun Martinez and Jake Bradley. Topics covered included: 1. Game...

Macroeconomic Theory

Semester: Spring
Year offered: 2020
I Taught the seven tutorial sessions for the Macroeconomic Theory Module L11MEE in Spring 2020 and Spring 2021. The Lecturer of the Macroeconomic Theory module was Richard Kneller. Topics covered...


Semester: Spring
Year offered: 2019
I Taught the five tutorial sessions for the econometrics section of Module L11MEE in Spring 2019. The Lecturer of the econometrics section was Patrick Marsh. Topics covered included: 1. Statistical...

Mathematical Economics

Semester: Fall
Year offered: 2018
I Taught the five tutorial sessions for the mathematics section of Module L11MEE in Fall 2018. The Lecturer of the mathematics section was Mikhail Safronov. Topics covered included: 1. Univariate...